Healthy Start and Healthy Journey

Naturally, you want to be as healthy as possible and stay as healthy as possible. Get on the right track with our no-cost Healthy Start™ and Healthy Journey comprehensive health assessments. Each one comes with a personalized care plan.

Start with Healthy Start

If you haven’t had a Healthy Start assessment, schedule one today. It can be completed in a care center or doctor’s office and usually takes 40 to 60 minutes.

This head-to-toe checkup will create a strong foundation that will allow us to design a personalized care plan around your needs, concerns, and goals.

A Healthy Start assessment includes: 

  • Full physical exam. 
  • On-site lab testing. 
  • Behavioral health review. 
  • Preventive care screenings.
  • Balance assessment. 
  • Physical mobility evaluation. 
  • Medication review and consultation.

Discover for yourself why 94% of patients found their Healthy Start assessment to be a good experience.*

Keep going with Healthy Journey 

The Healthy Journey assessment is another head-to-toe checkup, just like Healthy Start. You should have one every year to:

  • Receive preventive care. 
  • Address your current health needs, concerns, and goals. 
  • Have your doctor, nurse, or other care team member update your care plan and ensure it’s integrated and coordinated.


Healthcare is personal — so are we.
Experience the difference.

* Carelon Health Patient Experience Outreach Study 2022.