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We help you attract, engage, and retain members with Advanced Primary Care that makes them happier, healthier, and loyal. 

The trusted care your clients need

When you refer your client to Carelon Health, you can be assured they’ll receive comprehensive Advanced Primary Care from our team of doctors, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and other clinicians.

We accept several insurance types in our markets, including Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and group or private insurance plans.

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Our clinical model focuses on prevention and upstream interventions to keep patients healthy and avoid unnecessary hospital stays. By allowing patients to remain safe and comfortable at home, we reduce hospital-based infections and costs.

The personal and trusted relationships we develop with patients help you to attract, engage, and retain members.

Why work with us?

For more than 30 years, we’ve enabled people to live better lives. Discover what we can offer your clients and how their satisfaction can benefit you.

The tools you need to succeed

We have resources to help you attract, engage, and retain clients. From the broker resources page, you’ll be able to:

  • Access a list of the markets we serve.
  • Contact a broker relations representative.
  • Download sales materials. 
  • Explore our services by state. 
  • Locate a care center or a doctor. 
  • Schedule a care center tour. 
  • View patient testimonials.

A network of trusted providers

We’re proud to work with doctors, nurses, and specialists dedicated to ensuring our patients become the healthiest they can be. Search our network of ~14K providers for a primary care doctor or specialist that’s just right for your client.

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