Who we treat with Advanced Primary Care

If you’re healthy and trying to stay that way, or want to improve a complex or chronic condition, Carelon Health is here for you. We can help you make these important years of your life, the prime years of your life.  

It’s true — there’s no time like the present to be the healthiest you can be. By providing whole-person health that treats the body, mind, and spirit, we can help you get there.

Just right for you 

We care for people from all walks of health. Depending on where you live, this includes anyone who’s enrolled or will become enrolled in:

  • Medicare (also known as Original Medicare). 
  • Medicare Advantage. 
  • Medicaid. 
  • A group or private insurance plan. 
  • A Special Needs Plan (SNP).

From routine wellness and prevention to arthritis, diabetes, and high blood pressure, you can trust our more than 30 years of experience in providing compassionate, personalized, and effective care. We’re here for the long term to care for you for the long term. 

Convenient and integrated care

For care to be effective, it also has to be convenient and integrated. With Carelon Health’s Advanced Primary Care, patients and their care teams connect:

  • At care centers in neighborhoods across the country that offer same-day and walk-in appointments. 
  • Via telehealth for virtual visits. 
  • At one of our mobile health clinics. 
  • At the patient’s home, at a skilled nursing facility, or at a hospital.

To ensure your care is integrated, we can bring all your medical records to one place. You won’t have to remember your history of care, treatments, or procedures from other clinicians — even if you decide to keep them. Your chart will be complete, which will let our doctors, nurses, and specialists make more reliable, safer, and more informed decisions about care options.

Come just as you are

At Carelon Health, everyone is seen, heard, and recognized — just as they are. That includes people of all mental and physical abilities and those with diverse cultural, racial, ethnic, religious, or spiritual backgrounds.

We’re here with everyday health solutions to fit your specific needs. 

What our patients have to say 

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