Get access to care when and where you need it

When you want to see a doctor, you often want to see one as soon as possible. Waiting for weeks, or even months, for an appointment can be frustrating, disappointing and, in some cases, dangerous to your health.

Carelon Health understands the need for better access to care. It should not only be when you want it, but also where you want it.

Here are seven ways to get the care you need in a way that works for you:

In-person care

Carelon Health Care Centers are in neighborhoods across the country. They offer a wide range of services and treatment options that are coordinated by a primary care doctor or nurse practitioner.

The clinical teams at every care center focus on a patient’s whole health. This includes prevention tips, easing of symptoms, medication management, and creating a personalized treatment plan. There are also whole-health support programs such as fitness classes, memory care, behavioral health, wound care, and how to quit smoking.

Healthy Start

Every Carelon Health patient is strongly encouraged to take a Healthy StartTM assessment. It’s comprehensive and includes a medication review and consultation, a balance and physical mobility evaluation, on-site lab testing, preventive screening, and referrals to specialty care and behavioral health as needed.

By phone

It’s normal for questions and concerns about your health and your health benefits to come up between visits with your doctor. Carelon Health has a phone number patients can call 24 hours a day to speak with a nurse to:

  • Understand symptoms.
  • Get advice when choosing to visit a doctor, a care center, or urgent care facility.
  • Get answers to urgent health questions.


A telehealth, or virtual visit, connects you with your doctor by internet or phone. Telehealth appointments are often a good choice for those who:

  • Live far away from healthcare services and specialists.
  • Have time or access limitations.
  • Have transportation or physical mobility issues.
  • Benefit from regular monitoring for a long-term health condition.

Online portal

An online portal provides easy access to up-to-date health information from a computer, tablet, or phone. Our portal is especially good when you want to:

  • Know about past and future appointments.
  • Review a health summary.
  • View and refill medications.
  • Send a message to your care team in a way that’s private and secure.

Mobile health clinics

Carelon Health’s mobile health clinics are making regular appearances in more and more communities across the country. The clinics can provide everything from wellness exams to minor injury treatment and intravenous fluids to vaccines.

House calls, skilled nursing facilities, and hospitals

Sometimes, an appointment at a care center simply isn’t possible. That doesn’t mean the appointment won’t happen. When needed, an old-fashioned house call is possible. Carelon Health care team members can go to where the patient is — whether that’s at home, in a nursing facility, or in a hospital.

Carelon Health’s Advanced Primary Care is available through several high-quality health plans in nine states and the District of Columbia. To choose a health plan that includes Carelon Health, search online  or speak to an independent broker by calling 833-485-1921, TTY 711.