Discover primary care that goes from your head to your toes — at a care center, in your home, or virtually

With Carelon Health, you get an Advanced Primary Care team dedicated to keeping you healthy day in and day out.

There are a lot of things you can do to stay healthy and improve your health. You can exercise, eat nutritious food, and make sure you’re seeing your doctors and other care providers regularly.

But you’re not in this alone. What if it were easier to see your doctors? What if you had a whole care team working together to keep you healthy — in one building? What if your care providers could help you stay active and eat healthier food?

These are just some of the features of Advanced Primary Care from Carelon Health. With Advanced Primary Care, you get simple, thorough, and proactive care all along your healthcare journey.

“One of our guiding principles is providing the right care, at the right time, at the right place,” said Carelon Health Chief Medical Officer Paul Mikulecky, MD. That can mean in-person appointments, virtual care, or even in-home visits with a range of care providers.

Advanced Primary Care in action

How does Advanced Primary Care work? Most people begin with a Healthy Start™ assessment. This appointment is even longer than usual to allow your health team to ask about your health goals and if you’re having any trouble meeting them. The process includes:

  • Full physical exam.
  • On-site lab testing.
  • Behavioral health review.
  • Preventive care screenings.
  • Balance assessment.
  • Physical mobility evaluation.
  • Medication review and consultation.

“Healthy Start is an overview of what’s going on with someone’s health and their life. We look at things like whether they have difficulty accessing care, such as challenges with transportation or limited social and family support. Can they afford their medications and healthy food?” Dr. Mikulecky said. “While we treat patients when they have medical issues, like bronchitis or a sprain, we also anticipate problems and help them manage their overall health.”

Your care plan may include regular visits to a Carelon Health Care Center, where you can see your primary care doctor and the team. Your team may include a case manager, social worker, nutritionist, clinical pharmacist, or specialists. You may even take Nifty after Fifty® by Encore Wellness™ exercise classes and get wellness coaching at many of our care center locations. Your follow-up visits can happen in person, virtually, or at your home.

A unique benefit

When you enroll in a plan that includes Carelon Health and choose us as your provider, you can experience Advanced Primary Care for yourself. Carelon Health has been providing care to patients for more than 30 years and is continually evolving to meet the needs of our patients.

“We work with our health plan partners to ask: How can we invest in our patients’ health and drive better outcomes?” Dr. Mikulecky said. “For instance, can we look at drug benefits to help patients access medications and make their copays lower? That way we can ensure they’re taking their medications, helping them to manage their health, and stay out of the emergency room.”

Looking at your health from all directions

A thorough care plan considers more than just physical signs of health, such as symptoms, test results, and measurements. It also takes into account behavioral and Social Drivers of Health, like stress, environmental conditions, access to heathy food, and distance to a doctor. All these things can affect our health and how we feel about our lives.

If someone has obstacles to care or good health, their care team works to figure out what they are, why they exist, and what steps are needed to assist them.

“We work with our care providers — whether they’re primary care doctors, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, or behavioral health case managers — to find out a patient’s barriers to care,” Dr. Mikulecky said. “We want them to understand our patients’ health concerns and manage them in a way that makes them feel empowered.”

For example, a poor diet can lead to chronic health conditions or make existing conditions worse. Advanced Primary Care includes a nutritionist who can help “prescribe” food as medicine and encourage healthy choices.

If someone doesn’t have access to a car or can’t drive, they may have trouble getting to their medical appointments. In that case, our telehealth or in-home visits can be a helpful option.

Treating the body and the mind

A whole-health approach ensures that a patient’s behavioral needs are also met, because mental health and physical health go hand in hand.

“We have behavioral health case managers, therapists, and psychiatric nurse practitioners who help patients manage those mental health challenges that can come with chronic diseases,” Dr. Mikulecky said.

“When someone receives a new diagnosis of heart disease, for example, it’s not uncommon for them to get overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed. We want to give our patients all the help they need, wherever and however they need it.”

Carelon Health’s Advanced Primary Care is available through Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and group or private health plans in nine states. Experience personalized, connected, and proactive care by choosing a plan that includes Carelon Health.